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A good tanning session is a function of well trained staff, a great location, great customer service, state of the art tanning equipment, and others. A tanning bed is the quintessential tanning spa apparatus. It is a cylindrical, tube like bed which uses UV light to cause cells called melanocytes to produce even more melanin, thus resulting in a golden brown tan. However, not all tanning beds are created equal and California Tan has gone out of its way to bring you the best from Ergoline Tanning Beds. Ergoline offers safe, state of the art tanning beds that ensure the best tanning experience for users. California Tan customers can expect to enjoy the following benefits from Ergoline Tanning Beds:

Quick and Effective Tanning

Ergoline tanning beds use a range of innovative technologies and materials to ensure quick and effective tanning for users. Ultra glass reflectors within the tanning beds help to provide maximum UV transmission. Filter panels only allow the components of UV light that are highly effective in tan formation. Finally, the tanning beds come with features like smart power solutions and advanced reflective tanning.

Quality Guarantee

Ergoline tanning beds use high quality materials which are tested against UV light and heat in order to avoid potential hazards. In addition, each bed is made in a state of the art factory by a well qualified team of employees to ensure that it is made to the highest possible standards. Quality tests are carried out during each step of the manufacturing process in order to ensure that each piece works perfectly.

Brand Reputation

Ergoline is a popular brand well known for its quality tanning beds. This means that users can be sure that they are using a bed whose tanning qualities have been vouched for by many others before them.

Some Health Benefits

UV light tends to fix calcium in the bones, making them even stronger and helping to prevent conditions like osteoporosis. In addition, the UV light from tanning beds can help control conditions like atopic dermatitis, vitiligo, acne, and other skin diseases.

Ergoline tanning beds offer several benefits to users such as quick tanning, control of skin conditions such as acne and vitiligo, a recognizable brand and many others. They are made from high quality materials using advanced technologies in state of the art factories in order to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

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