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The Benefits Of A Spray Tan With CalTan

A bronzed look round the year is one you wish for, but cannot achieve if you do not live in the tropics or work outdoors for most of the year. This is where spray tan benefits become apparent. An artificial tan allows you to have a beautiful and “bronzed” glowing look any time of the year.

Spray tanning has been around for some time, although it was only available to the rich and famous in the years past. Spray tanning is now more affordable and available. You can also achieve this fabulous look in a few minutes at the hands of a professional. What spray tan benefits make it better than spending your days in the hot sun for a slow tan or using gels and cream?

Year-round Tanning

Unless you live in the tropics, it is hard to achieve a bronzed look all year round. You will get it in the summer if you spend time outdoors, but it will be gone after one or two months. With a spray tan, you are awesome and fashionable throughout the year with a few treatments.

Fast & Easy To Do

One of the best spray tan benefits is that it is fast and easy to do. It takes less than 15 minutes doing it in a booth, where multiple nozzles are used. Even with an airbrush service, it takes less than 30 minutes to achieve perfect whole body tanning. This is unlike applying gels and creams which have to be reapplied to achieve the desired look.

Streak-free & Even Depth

Spray tanning has an even look because the mist is applied at the same pressure on the skin. This is unlike gels and creams, which can be lighter in some patches because of different pressure and amounts used.

You can also control the depth of the tan easier in spray tanning than when using creams and gels. It is simply done by spraying a second or third coat. Spray tanning is also beneficial for hiding blemishes and spots, which can be covered by applying more spray tan by either machine or airbrush.

Unlike natural tanning which covers only body parts that are usually exposed to the sun, spray tanning achieves a whole body look, even behind the knees and in the underarm areas.


Natural tanning comes at a risk. Spending too much time in the sun can lead to overexposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays can even cause skin cancer. There is also the risk of dehydration from overheating in the sun.

If you want to achieve a beautiful. tanned, and healthy look any time of the year, discover the spray tanning benefits with CalTan and you will never go back to feeling uneven and pale again.

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