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Whether this is your first time or you are a spray tan addict, come in today and experience a California Spray Tan! Our Sunless Spray Tan Experts are fully trained and knowledgeable in ensuring you will receive a natural, even spray tan. We Guarantee It!

Since the inception of Spray Tanning, California Tan have been on a mission to ensure we deliver the best spray tan in Calgary. Our process starts with the use of a “Maximizing Gel” which will aide in balancing the PH levels of your skin. Balancing the PH levels ensures that your spray tan will have a natural “brown” color and will look completely flawless and even.

Once the desired PH levels are achieved your spray tan will begin. Throughout the spray tan session you will have a qualified and trained staff to assist and monitor your spray tan. The results will be perfect – We Guarantee it.

Once your session is complete, your spray tan assistant will touch up your hands and feet in order to ensure they are consistent in color with the rest of your body. An aftercare sheet will be provided to you with instructions on how to maintain your spray tan for as long as possible. Our spray tans includes free touch-ups, should your require one – no appointment necessary.

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Spray Tanning

Before & After

Before Spray Tanning

  • Make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance to confirm your reservation
  • Shower before your appointment
  • You’ll need at least 6 hours after spray tan before you can shower
  • Avoid using products that may contain oil such as; lotions, moisturizers, deodorant, makeup and perfume
  • Shave the day of or the day before your spray tan – use a new sharp razor
  • We recommend that you use an oil-free scrub to exfoliate before spray tan
  • Because some of the product may transfer from the skin to clothing after a spray tan, wear dark, loose-fitting clothing. Spray tan product will wash out of clothing if cleaned immediately

After Spray Tanning

  • Don’t use swimming pools or hot tubs as they can contain chemicals that may affect spray tan result
  • Remember: spray tans do not provide UV protection when outdoors
  • Air Brush tans typically last up to 2 weeks and will then fade similarly to a natural suntan
  • Wait 6-8 hours after spray tan before showering
  • Shower instead of bathing (avoid scrubbing) and gently use a towel carefully and blow-dry
  • Expect to see a lot of colors (initial bronzers) come off during your first shower – this is normal
  • Moisturize your body after showering

Spray Tanning

Frequently Asked Questions

After My Spray Tan How Many Hours Do I Have To Wait Until I Can Shower?

Anywhere from 6 – 8 hours is recommended.

How Many Days Does The Spray Tan Last?

Typically Spray Tans can last up to 2 weeks. If you have an event or are going on holidays, we recommend coming in 1 – 2 days prior.

Do I Need An Appointment?

In order to guarantee you a spot, we recommend making an appointment.

What Do I Wear During My Spray Tan?

Most people decide to go complete nude to avoid tan lines. Our booths are completely Private and you are alone while it sprays.

What Do I Wear AFTER My Spray Tan?

We recommend wearing dark, loose fitting clothing after your spray tan session.

Can I Only Spray Tan My Body And Not My Face?

Yes, this is an option. Many people who prefer not to spray tan their face will use make up to adjust the color on their face.

Is Spray Tanning Safe For My Skin?

The Spray Tan consist mainly of water, DHA, and Aloe Vera. DHA (dihydroxyacetone ) is a simple non-toxic sugar. DHA is the active ingredient that gives your skin a golden brown color. It is often derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. When applied to the skin, DHA penetrates only the outermost layer of skin, and does not absorb into the body or bloodstream.

Do I Need More Than One Session?

No. The results will be perfect with one application. If you do choose to do another application, ensure that the color from the previous spray has completely come off your skin.

Will The Pool Or Ocean Cause My Spray Tan to Come Off My Skin?

Due to the fact that the pool or ocean will dry out your skin, the spray tan will tend to exfoliate off quicker.

Can I Tan With A Spray Tan?

Yes. Spray Tans DO NOT provide any protection from the sun so an SPF is still required.

How Should I Prepare Prior To Coming In For My Appointment?

Come in freshly showered and shaved with no products on your skin (ie: lotions, makeup, deodorant, and perfume/cologne). If you are going to exfoliate, we recommend doing so the day before your appointment and not the day of your appointment. Be prepared that you cannot shower, sweat, or get wet for at least 6 hours after your session.

Will The Spray Tan Rub Off On My Clothes?

Within the first 6 – 8 hours it can. We recommend wearing dark loose fitting clothing during this time. After your first rinse, the solution will be set and should not rub off on your clothes.

How Can I Maintain My Spray Tan?

You can maintain your tan by keeping your skin moisturized. We also have a variety of products to help keep your color longer.

Is Spray Tanning Safe If I’m Pregnant?

Yes. Spray tan solution is made up water, DHA, and Aloe Vera. The Spray Tan is NON-trans dermal which means it will not sink into the skin. Please note that due to changes in hormones, the results of the spray tan can vary from person to person.

Will The Spray Tan Stain My Hair?

No. We will provide you with a hair net that will cover most of your hair. If the spray does get in your hair it will easily wash out.

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