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Doesn’t she look fabulous? That is probably what crosses your mind every time you see yet another bronzed model gracing the cover of a magazine. You too can have this glowing bronzed skin with the help of a well done sunless spray tan. Although different skin tones bring out spray tans differently, there are tips that you can use to achieve the perfect look for your skin every time.

Prepping Tips

  •    Avoid shaving a day before the sunless spray tan
  •    Shower with a body scrub and exfoliate. This is to get rid of dead skin cells to have a more even surface for the tan to adhere well. Areas with thick skin like the elbows and knees should get extra attention
  •    Avoid wearing lotion, perfume or other skin products at least 3 hours to the tanning session. The products can cause blotching and flaking, but moisturizer can be applied before this period.
  •    Apply moisturizer to the palms of the hands so as to get a more natural look. The moisturizer acts as a barrier that can be washed off to keep the palms looking normal.  
  •    Apply a coat of petroleum jelly to nail cuticles and beds. This will prevent excess color build up in the nail area.
  •    When going to the session, wear dark loose clothing. This is because some tan will naturally adhere to the clothing but not too much.

During The Spray Tanning

  •   Wear eye protection to keep away the spray from the eyes
  •   Use nose plugs to avoid breathing in the spray, and avoid breathing through the mouth
  •   Use lip balm or petroleum jelly to protect your lips, and keep your mouth closed
  •   Wear undergarments to protect sensitive areas

After The Sunless Spray Tan Session

  •    Wear dark loose clothing to avoid rubbing against the skin. Avoid underwire bras too. It is also expected that some of the tan will stick to clothing. Wear open shoes or flip-flops.
  •    Avoid getting the skin wet 3-4 hours after the sunless spray tan. This means no exercise, showering or even chores like washing the dishes.
  •    Take the first shower 4-6 hours after the tanning session. Avoid using soap or body scrub when taking the first shower after the tan. It is normal for some of the tan to wash off.
  •    To prolong the sunless spray tan, use professional extenders. You should also moisturize 2-3 times a day as moisturized skin keeps a tan for longer.

Always ask for advice on professional extenders and other skin products to make your tan glowing. Professionals like those at California Tan will give you a great recommendation for any of your tanning questions.

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