Beauty Angel
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Ergoline Beauty Angel Red Light

If you are looking for a UV-free tanning solution that improves your figure and tone while energizing and rejuvenating your body then the Beauty Angel from Ergoline is the ideal solution for you.

The Beauty Angel is a state of the art standing tanning bed that uses beauty light, body vibrations, and quality skin care products to create the very best in beauty enhancing and toning of muscles.

The Beauty Angel compliments a workout or tanning session as it offers low-impact muscle toning. This revolutionary beauty system benefits core strength and muscle tone while promoting relaxation. A session in the Beauty Angel is synergistic with your regular tan as it enhances tan development.

Beauty Angel uses Beauty Light. This light energy is ideal for anybody seeking an easy way to look their best and feel their best. All you need is a 12-minute session in the Beauty Angel.

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