Open Sun 550

Luxurious Tanning Beds

Ergoline Open Sun 550

The Ergoline Open Sun 550 uses a unique open air and Advanced Reflective Tanning System to create a perfect tan. This bed provides the highest results and is ideal for clients who want to venture away from the traditional tanning beds. The Ergoline Open Sun 550 utilizes 30 high-pressure bulbs to create a flawless and even tan.

12-minutes in this state-of-the-art tanning bed is all you need,  the Open Sun 550 utilizes superior glass reflector technology and filter glass expertise. The Ergoline Open Sun 550 demonstrates the technology behind tanning beds, creating a luxurious comfort while maintaining a tanning solution that is the best available.

At California Tan we pride ourselves on the quality of our tanning beds, aiming to provide every comfort available the Open Sun 550 uses Multi Relax and has a wide shape that includes an integrated headrest, relaxing with relaxing arm and foot rests. The control panel is easy to access and easy to use, making the tan simple and client friendly.

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