Tanning Bed

The Pryzma

44-160 watt bulbs, 4-500 watt face tanner bulbs

The Pryzma

The new 160-watt cosmolux VHR/HP ion bulbs use a blend of 4 exotic UV phosphors that include just the right amount of UVB. The result is the deepest, darkest looking tan produced by the best low-pressure bulbs in the world!!

The face tanners are very gentle, only a 1% UVB on your face. The beds use extremely low UVB (3.6% on your body and 1% on your face) so you get the richest, darkest, most gentle tan without the burn.

The Pryzma is a good choice if you are just starting or need a tan in a short period of time or just want the best rays for your skin.

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