How To Get The Best Tan From A Tanning Bed

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The reasons why persons choose to visit a tanning salon differ wildly. For some, the lure is getting a tan to make them look markedly more attractive, especially in those swimsuits. For others, it is their desire to get a base tan before heading off on a vacation – in order to reduce the burn of the sun – that drives them.

On the rarer front are those who tan under prescription. UV light is known for the production and emission of beta-endorphin, an opium-like chemical which gives the receiver a “runners high,” making them feel good. With this in mind, tanning beds have been recommended by some doctors to aid with depression or vitamin D deficiency.

For those who simply want to tan, the tanning salon has proven to be a capable alternative to lying in the sun. A tanning bed tans faster and feels more comfortable than laying out in the sun. Many find that they have greater control over their tan time, and do not have to worry about the possibility of an unexpected burn from staying too long in the sun.

Whatever your reasons, how can you get the best out of your time in a tanning bed? First, what do you expect from a tanning salon?


Expectations From A Tanning Salon

Amongst your expectations upon heading to most tanning salons would be several levels of tanning options, beds with timers, and a variety of tanning lotions. Before commencing tanning on a new tanner, a good tanning salon will carry out what is known as a skin type survey. This will help the salon determine the best lotion to help the individual tan faster and a lotion to extend the tan.
Tan lotions come with ingredients that help keep your skin soft and healthy, and can increase your tanning results by 40 – 70%. However, they are not compulsory, only recommended. With the skin type settled and an adequate tanning lotion decided upon, you are required to purchase eye goggles to prevent eye damage. Now you are ready for your tan and will be instructed on how to use the tanning bed.


Tips to get the best from a tanning bed

  1. Take a shower and, using a scrubbing sponge or an abrasive soap, remove all dead cells on the outer layer of your skin (otherwise known as exfoliation).
  2. Use a tanning lotion specifically designed for tanning beds. This will give you a smoother, softer skin and a better tan.
  3. Do not stay longer than necessary in bed. Your first session should last no longer than 8 minutes to prevent the likelihood of burns. Not only does burning produce a bad tan, it is also bad for your skin, so avoid it at all costs.
  4. Do not forget to go into a tanning bed with your goggles on. Leaving your eyes unprotected can leave lasting damages.
  5. Leave at least 48 hours in between tanning sessions and reduce your frequency to the tanning salon as you reach your tanning goal.
  6. Make use of tanning extenders after tanning to keep your tan for longer.
  7. Do not over tan.