What To Expect With A First Time Spray Tan


Getting a spray tan is among the best ways to look your best throughout the year without having to head to the beach. Spray tans have many advantages to offer including: making you look slimmer, hiding blemishes and stretch marks, balancing an uneven skin tone, highlighting your best features including cheek bones and muscle tone and generally ensuring that you look great.

The key to a great spray tan lies in choosing the right tanning salon i.e. one that uses the correct equipment and has well trained and experienced staff to ensure that your tanning experience goes off without a hitch. Below are a few things you can expect to happen before, during and after your first time spray tan

You Will Need To Prepare Beforehand

Your body will need to be completely clean and hairless for the best effects. This means that you will have to take off all makeup, exfoliate your body, shave or wax and take a shower before going in for your spray tan. In addition, you will need to pick out an outfit that will ensure that the tan doesn’t rub off.

Clothes Off

You will have to take off all clothing, jewellery and underwear before entering the tanning room. Most salons provide a changing room so you can do this in private. In addition, you will be given the option of wearing disposable pants if you feel uncomfortable in the nude. Hair net and sticky slippers will also be provided to protect your hair and the soles of your fee.

There Are Several Tanning Shades Available

Tanning shades range from light (which may last a couple of days), to dark which can last up to ten days. The shade you choose will depend on your skin tone, purpose for getting the tan, and how long you want it to last. Ensure that you keep your skin moisturized to obtain the longest lasting effects of your spray tan session.

Spa Therapists Will Provide Necessary Instructions

Your spa therapist will provide instructions on how to stand, when to turn and when to lift arms and legs in order to achieve an even tan.

After Tan Expectations

You may find yourself smelling of cookies for a few hours after the tan. You will have to put off showering for at least six hours and you do, you will have to dab  yourself dry instead of rubbing the towel across your body. You may find that you are unable to go out for a few hours while the tan sets.

Going for a spray tan for the first time can seem a bit daunting, however, by taking a few simple steps and co-operating with your spa therapist, you should be able to get a great tan and look your best for that wedding or beach holiday.

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