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Baumann, M.D.

“According to one study, up to three-quarters of Americans are vitamin D deficient, likely due to increased use of sunscreens. Why? Because the sun’s rays trigger the body to produce vitamin D, which an increasing body of research suggests can reduce the risk of certain cancers, protect the heart, and even decrease your chances of catching a cold.”

Coming from a dermatologist this statement may be surprising, but spending a little time in the sun sans SPF can be a good thing.

A study published in the September 2009 issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology showed that melanoma patients with higher levels of vitamin D in their systems had thinner, less severe–and therefore less deadly–melanoma lesions than those who had low levels of vitamin D.

Other studies suggest that there are tanning benefits such as added vitamin D which is associated with a reduced risk of developing multiple sclerosis and breast and colorectal cancers.

Are You At Risk For

Vitamin D Deficiency

Getting sufficient vitamin D is particularly important during winter, when skies over much of the country are cold and gray. And for those with darker skin tones, increased melanin makes it harder for you to synthesize vitamin D from the sun anytime of year.

Of course, I’m not saying you should throw away your sunscreen! My new recommendations are to protect your face, neck and hands but let your legs and arms get about 15 minutes of sun. By avoiding the most intense midday light (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and limiting exposure to 10 to 15 minutes, two or three times a week, you can soak up some D-inducing rays without damaging your complexion.

Selective sun exposure should be done in combination with taking a 1,000 IU vitamin D supplement and eating plenty of vitamin D-rich foods, including mushrooms, enriched dairy products, salmon and cod liver oil. If your vitamin D levels are very low, your physician may prescribe even higher dose supplements. High levels of vitamin D can be toxic so please discuss this with your doctor at your annual check-up. Wishing you great skin!

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  • Hands down the BEST tanning salon ever !!! GREAT people, GREAT service always! Been going for years and they have to be the most consistently nice people you could ever hope to do business with. Thank you!

    Jonathan Google
  • I have been going to California Tan for 18ish years now and would not go anywhere else. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable and makes an effort to remember your name when you walk in the door. I highly recommend this place! Thank you Chris and staff!

    Andrea Google
  • Best tanning salon in Calgary! Staff and owner are always very pleasant and make you feel welcome and very personable. All great products, beds, and prices.

    Chelsea Google
  • If I could give Leanne 10 stars I would!  I opted for the in-home, mobile service and I'll never go back to a booth again.  The tan was absolutely perfect and Leanne was so professional and sweet... she didn't even comment on my radiating white skin!

  • The staff genuinely care about you and their owner Chris will make sure he is happy with your result before leaving. All this treatment was under $50! To my surprise with this amazing service they do not even have a tip option something I would suggest for them. I HIGHLY recommend California Tan to everyone, especially if you want immediate colour and have heard horror stories of spray tans go to the professionals there they will make sure to ease your mind and make sure your spray is flawless. SUNKISSED for Stampede!!

  • There is a large parking lot in front of the business so that is never an issue. Their hours suit everyone's needs, so again, that is never an issue. They offer a wide range of tanning beds and 3 bronzers. Proof that this establishment is pro-active in providing the best business to their clientele. I highly recommend California Tan and I will never go anywhere else. The family knows that gift certificates from California Tan are a priority on my wish list!

  • My experience has been nothing short of perfection. Don, Chris, and their staff have always been friendly and accommodating. More importantly, the facility is extremely clean and well maintained. I am notorious for spontaneously dropping in or calling to arrange an appointment in 15 minutes and the staff have always been honest as to whether my request can be accommodated.

  • Thanks so much for making my tanning experience unbelievable. For 25 years, I have watched and seen all this business thrive and it is all because of you people and all your great PR. Keep up the good work.


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